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(1/231) 1007098 - ASP Syntax highlight bug w/comment

Comments in Microsoft ASP and VBScript start with an
apostrophe and end at the end of line OR until a closing
tag occurs. The syntax highlighting does not recognize
the second case.

For example, let's use the following ASP fragment in
an .asp file:

<% ' ASP code fragment %>

Starting with the apostrophe and ending at the end of
line, the syntax highlighter colorizes as a comment. But
it should NOT treat the ending tag, %>, as part of the



Submitted nobody - 2004-08-11 - 08:23:32z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category text area and syntax packages
Status Open Group minor bug
Resolution None Visibility No


2004-10-12 - 12:18:32z
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duplicate of bug 1006182.

Please can I stop modifying my coworkers code just so I can
read it?
2004-10-12 - 14:12:46z
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JEdit 4.2 doesn't fix it.

Putting this in your vbscript.xml comes close:
but not close enough. The ending tag in swallowed by the
comment and doesn't get you out of VBScript mode. Apart
from that (huge probelm) it works.

Trying to find docs on the highlighter but failed.
2009-12-01 - 17:52:56z
This bug is very old, if it still exists in current development version of jEdit (4.3pre18/pre19) please reopen it. Otherwise it will be closed out automatically by the SF tracker system.
2009-12-01 - 18:42:58z
Sorry. resetting to open until someone has time to look into it.