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(23/231) 1593409 - Dockable-Buttons don't change look if hovered with the mouse

The Dockable-Buttons don't change look if they are
hovered by the mouse like the close- and arrow-
buttons in the docking areas do.

Sorry if this is a dupe, but I have many bugs to post
and am too lazy to check them all for dupes
currently. :-)

OS: Windows XP
Java Version: Sun Java 1.5.0_09-b03
jEdit Version: 4.3pre8

Submitted vampire0 - 2006-11-09 - 13:24:28z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category editor core
Status Open Group normal bug
Resolution None Visibility No


2006-11-24 - 11:06:42z
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Are you sure ? Isn't it a Look & feel problem you have ? On my jEdit the button get an orange border when my mouse is on it.
2008-03-06 - 19:59:30z
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The hover behavior of the buttons for the docked dockables and the corresponding close and arrow buttons depends on the L&F:

Dockable buttons change look in: Metal, Windows
Close and arrow buttons change look in: Windows
"Motiv" and "Windows classic" don't change the look of any component on hovering.

Could it be, that this is no bug?
2008-03-07 - 08:25:19z
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I don't think so Robert, as for me I use Metal L&F, but it is quite the other way around than you describe. The close and arrow button get a blue border on hovering and the dockable buttons don't change their look.
However, it can be because of the L&F, because the close and arrow button are JButtons and the dockable butttons are JToggleButtons. But still I think this is a useability bug. Maybe we have to user another kind of button. What I think even more cool would be an own jEdit L&F, but this would be much work. *g*
2008-03-07 - 20:28:09z
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Oh yes, my fault. Sorry.

Dockable buttons change look in: Windows
Close and arrow buttons change look in: Windows and Metal
2011-11-08 - 22:42:25z
in linux, in both nimbus and metal L&Fs, I do see hover effects under java 1.6.
I think this issue is with specific L&Fs but not the default ones. Perhaps a bug should be filed for the L&F rather than core?
2011-12-01 - 02:46:58z
You didn't really read the comments, did you?
This is on Metal under Windows and Linux here.
No fancy L&F in use.
2011-12-01 - 02:58:59z
what comments? The original ones are about Java 1.5. My reply was about Java 1.6, where it appears to have been fixed.
Are you still seeing the problem with java 1.6?
2011-12-01 - 03:07:55z
Sure, otherwise I wouldn't have reopened the tracker item.
You suspected an exotic L&F.
That was where I thought you didn't read the comments as they just speak about standard L&Fs. ;-)