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(31/231) 1656673 - soft wrap: wordBreakChars are not regognized

The buffer-local property "wordBreakChars" defines (from the help:) "Characters, in addition to spaces and tabs, at which lines may be split when word wrapping".

My first line of a file is:

But wrapping is not done at backslash or dot or "_".

Submitted rschwenn - 2007-02-10 - 11:29:45z Assigned nobody
Priority 7 Category None
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2007-02-10 - 17:14:16z
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Hi, it seems this local property is used only for hard wrap.
Soft wrap uses the token marker to know if it should wrap.
But it seems the syntax package do not use this property
2007-02-10 - 17:43:19z
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Means, that soft wrap performs wrapping only at spaces and tabs actually?

Generally I'd expected, that soft and hard wrap have the same results for my eyes.
A good reason for differences I could see in the fact, that hard wrap really edits the file and probably should be restricted in wrapping. But that is not the case.

See also Feature Requests item #1624755.
2008-06-14 - 21:06:58z
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First question: why is "extra word characters" showing up in Editing properties and not this other "wordBreakChars" ?
I would like to see both of these in the EditingOptionsPane.

Second, I want to bump up the priority of this item. I would like to see wordBreakCharacters recognized in soft-wrap also. Although this may be something that we need to put off until after the textarea is replaced...

2009-01-03 - 14:21:03z
A patch using BreakIterator has been submitted.
The patch may reduce or eliminate the needs of "wordBreakChars" as an
additional property.
2011-12-03 - 20:10:37z
kazutoshi, are you still working on this?
2012-04-28 - 16:46:56z
I'm not working on this. However, the bellow mentioned patch was
committed at r21116 and the change made it easier to tweak the rule of
soft wrap and hopefully unify the rule with hard wrap. But it still
needs much work.

I found the property wordBreakChars has been there since the initial
revision in CVS. It doesn't care about soft wrap in the first place.

I updated the documentation to match the fact in r21611.