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(33/231) 1683449 - Plugin jars dependencies not removed

Hi, when a plugin jar dependency is removed in a new version of a plugin, the jar is not removed when updating this plugin.
Ex :

FTP 0.8 had dependencies on j2ssh-common.jar and j2ssh-core.jar, the new version 0.9 do not require those jars anymore.
But when updating the plugin, the two jars aren't removed

Submitted kpouer - 2007-03-19 - 08:57:25z Assigned nobody
Priority 2 Category plugin manager
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2009-12-30 - 09:40:39z
Is this still an issue?
2012-04-23 - 08:21:10z
Yes, it is. On a quite fresh daily jedit. Download
and try upgrading.