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(36/231) 1710348 - Mouse quick copy is unstable

When you start jEdit4.3pre9 (on linux) highlight and copy/paste behavior is reasonable. After a period of time (or some triggering event that I havn't managed to track down) it starts behaving very badly.

Example: If I highlight some text, hit ctrl-c, then highlight other text and hit ctrl-v, I would expect that what I copied would be properly pasted. instead, the text remains unchanged. if I then go elsewhere and hit ctrl-v, what was highlighted for the original past gets pasted.

What this appears to me to be is this: whatever clipboard is being used for mouse quick-copy starts clobbering the normal clipboard.

Thus if I copy something, and then try to paste it over a highlighted section of text, it doesn't work, because it's pasting from the mouse copy clipboard.

This behavior is highly irritating.

Thanks for the great app.

Submitted soulcatcher - 2007-05-01 - 00:48:30z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category GUI / mouse
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No