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(46/231) 1828946 - Please add confirmation for "Close all buffers"

"Close all buffers" should ask for confirmation, because it's annoying if a huge list of opened files get closed by accident ("Close all buffers" (C-e C-w) has nearly the same shortcut as "Mark word at cursor" (C-e w). But it could also happen by accidently clicking the action menu entry)

An option for this could make sense, just like the already existing "'Save all buffers' asks for confirmation" (which resides in "Saving & Backup").
I don't know where the new option should get put though. Maybe a new tab "Confirmations"?

Submitted blueyed - 2007-11-09 - 12:43:33z Assigned nobody
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2008-05-30 - 02:18:21z
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I do not understand this feature request.

jEdit always asks for confirmation when it is closing any buffers with unsaved changes.

Buffers that have no unsaved changes are safely closed without confirmation.

Is this not how it should be?

2008-05-31 - 00:03:22z
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This request is for confirmation before closing any buffer, not before
closing each buffer. It looks a valid request.
2009-03-18 - 13:08:05z
I'm moving this to the Bugs tracker (instead of feature request), now that it happened again to me (and I'm used to have a lot of buffers open, switching with the "Switch Buffer" plugin between them).

For now, I've removed the "Close all buffers" shortcut in my settings.

Still, a confirmation dialog seems the way to fix/prevent this.
Additionally, I would say that "Close all buffers" either should not have a default shortcut or another/safer one (even when the confirmation dialog gets added).
2013-01-17 - 18:20:04z
A "reopen last closed" action would be more desirable to me, like using Ctrl-Shift-T in web browsers, but I don't think we have the information to do so (list of recently closed, buffersets they were part of, etc.).