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(51/231) 1873983 - 2-stage save + windows network shares=hang the PC

This is repeatable easily:

I work with two PCs. Each one has access to the other's files through the network. One is running Windows XP and the other is running Windows Vista.

When I run jEdit on the XP PC, and edit files on the Vista PC share, after a while the XP PC hangs.
I think this happens when jEdit tries to autosave the modified files. jEdit and Windows Explorer are completely unresponsive and must both be killed. Other applications that do not access the network share, such as Internet Explorer, do not seem affected.
jEdit and Windows Explorer immediately fail if I try to restart them.

Rebooting the Vista PC cures the problem (jEdit and Windows Explorer can be restarted successfully on the XP side)... for a few minutes. Then the problem repeats again if jEdit is used.

It happens with both jEdit 4.2 and 4.3pre12 (I upgraded in hope it was fixed there);
It happens with both Java 1.5 and 1.6.

No such problem with Notepad, or any other editor I've tried.

I used to have two XP PCs with exactly the same organization, and never had any problem.

Submitted jflarvoire - 2008-01-17 - 18:06:14z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category Windows Specific
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2008-01-17 - 19:16:17z
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If you disable two-stage save, (global options - saving and backup) does it still happen?
2008-01-21 - 09:59:47z
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It does indeed fix the problem.

What mean thing does this two-stage save do?
It looked as if Vista was blacklisting my XP PC after that!
2008-01-21 - 16:54:44z
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I was going to tell you by cutting and pasting from the docs but I can't find it described in the docs yet.
I guess it has to be documented better. I'll do that once someone explains it properly as a comment in this ticket.

I'll check the source when I have some time. From what I recall in previous discussions, it renames the old file,
creates a new one, and then deletes the old one, instead of writing back to the same file node.
This is supposed to be more reliable on remote file systems, but it seems to achieve the opposite effect here.
I don't use it myself, since it also resets file permissions on remote file systems, and other undesireable things.
Instead I have "backup on every save".

2008-01-22 - 19:12:19z
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I think the following section in the user's guide describes the feature
clearly enough.

If you can reproduce this problem with two-stage-save enabled,
please take a look at the activity log ([Utilities] >
[Troubleshooting] > [Activity Log]) after the case "Rebooting the Vista
PC cures the problem ..." and report the suspicious part. Comparing
the log between the cases with two-stage-save enabled and disabled
may show something.