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(57/231) 1950074 - Printer properties option disabled

version: 4.3pre13 using Java 1.5.0_12
on Windows XP

The printer properties dialog box is disabled. I can select and print to any of the network printers here, but I can't adjust any properties.
4 hardware networked printers (HP, Xerox, ...)
2 soft local printers (Primo PDF, MS XPS)

Selecting other printers from the list does not change the button status.

I saw a similar bug listed from 2002 as a "Java" bug. If this is still the case - please suggest a program I might try to test & verify that is true.


Submitted nick_c - 2008-04-23 - 20:13:15z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category editor core
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2009-12-30 - 09:14:31z
I can confirm this also, on Java 1.6.0_16 and Jedit 4.4pre1.
I am not sure how to resolve this yet, since I am not familiar with the printing API.