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(65/231) 2469418 - Non-admin is not allowed to autosave "Untitled" files

Pop-up from jEdit: C:\Program Files\jEdit4\#Untitled-1# (Access denied)

jEdit 4.3pre16

I use jEdit in windows, logged in as non-admin user.

jEdit installed into Program Files, and its folder is not writable by "restricted" user.

"Autosave untitled buffers" checked

When there are only first "Untitled" buffers in jEdit window, current save directory is jEdit install directory, and it tries to autosave buffer into it.

I think, in this situation it should autosave #Untitled# files to a sub-directory in .jedit directory, where all its internal files lies.

Submitted checat - 2008-12-26 - 21:07:41z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category editor core
Status Open Group minor bug
Resolution None Visibility No


2011-03-30 - 09:47:04z
A workaround and a clarification:

Workaround: Change Windows shortcut "Start in" to your jEdit backup directory such as C:\Backup\jEdit so the #untitled-1# file is created there rather than C:\Program Files\jEdit.

Clarification: Logging in as an administrator is not all the user has to do. They also have run the program with elevated rights ("as administrator) so jEdit is able to write into Program Files, an OS protected directory. This is unacceptable, in my opinion.

jEdit is clearly misbehaving by attempting to write files into the C:\Program Files directory and should instead write the auto save files into the backup directory.