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(67/231) 2481890 - JEdit ignores keyboard input after trans-screen mouse move

I run Ubuntu 8.10 on amd64. I'm using version 4.3pre13 of JEdit. I have two screens.

JEdit is on my left screen. When I move my mouse to the right screen, and then back to the left, JEdit does not respond to the keyboard. I cannot type, copy or paste text, or use keyboard shortcuts. If I use the mouse to change buffers, or restart JEdit, it will begin responding to keyboard input again.

Another, possibly related, dual-head issue I've noticed is that JEdit does not always relinquish focus when I move my mouse to the right screen. It will, however, always take it back when I move my mouse back to the left screen.

Submitted reilithion - 2009-01-02 - 05:41:08z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category keyboard / shortcuts
Status Open Group normal bug
Resolution None Visibility No