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(70/231) 2729887 - search window is not given focus when opened

Running linux, jedit 4.3pre16.

When bringing up the search window, the focus is not always given to it, until the user clicks the mouse in the search window. Very often (at least half the time) the search window is not given focus when opened, forcing the user to click in it prior to typing the search string. Quite annoying.

Looked in the prior bugs and it seems like this has broken in the past, been fixed, and may be broken again, unless someone can tell me that I am somehow doing something wrong.

Submitted mtgavin - 2009-04-04 - 05:01:20z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category editor core
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2010-12-07 - 19:09:00z
can you reproduce this when you have only one View (main window)?

Sometimes I notice that with multiple views, the view that is not on the top becomes the parent of new dialogs when i invoke certain keyboard shortcuts, in which case I must switch to the *OTHER* jEdit main window to see it.
Is this perhaps what you are seeing, or does this happen with only one View open?

Please give me steps to reproduce.
Marking as "invalid" until more info is supplied.

2011-01-13 - 21:06:21z
I see this happening in one view. (I am using jedit -noserver, FYI). In fact that is the way I always use jedit, I never have two views open. I may have mu;tiple files open but always within the same view. I am now using jedit 4.3.2 and still see it. One interesting note is that it seems to happen more often if I bring up the search window by using the keyboard shortcut (CTRL-F). If I bring it up via the "Search -> Find..." menu (mouse clicks), it happens less often. In both cases it does not happen 100% of the time but it happens more pften (over half the time) using CTRL-F.