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(74/231) 2769392 - Style Editor: use jEdit textArea BGcolor in a text sample

The Syntax Style Editor is supposed to let me choose the foreground and background color of the text. However,
in both the dialog, as well as in the "preview" pane below the color chooser, the displayed text for a "preview" incorrectly uses the colors for foreground as background, and does not display the correct textarea background color.
You can see this from Global Options - syntax highlighting or from utilities - quick settings - edit color style under cursor (or the syntaxhelper plugin).

Submitted ezust - 2009-04-16 - 20:49:27z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category text area and syntax packages
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2009-08-23 - 22:19:48z
Hi, I cannot reproduce that, you mean the Syntax Highlight option pane ?
What look & feel do you use ?
2009-08-24 - 01:11:58z
In my machine, the "preview" pane shows 3 lines of text. The top and bottom lines show the text with the selected color as foreground on dialog background, while the middle line shows the text in black with the selected color as background.
This is the JColorChooser dialog of Swing; it only cares of the color it lets you choose, it is not configurable. It doesn't know, and has no way to tell it, whether the color it is used to select is meant to be used for foreground or background, which is why the preview shows you both options.
2009-08-24 - 05:45:42z
On my machine, I am using "metal" look and feel, and I have a non-white background (yellow, in fact), and in none of those three text lines do I see the correct textarea background color behind any of the three text samples.