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(76/231) 2824705 - Cursor not redrawn correctly on movement

When the cursor is moved around in the edit area, various line segments are left over on the display. An exampel is attached where the cursor was moved right and wrapped through a few lines. The lines disappear when the display is redrawn (e.g., page up or down).

The drop down menus show a similar defect although not as visible and intrusive: E.g., if I drop down the File menu steps down through the items, small horizontal lines are left behind,

I have plays around with all settings I can find: Font, font size, cursor form, anti aliasing, fractional font metrics. While some of these settings can change the appearance of the problem, nothing I have tried can make it go away.

jEdit: 4.3pre17 server mode using Java 1.6.0_13
OS: Windows XP

Submitted heje - 2009-07-21 - 08:44:04z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category editor core
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2009-07-23 - 12:48:23z
Tried older Java version: Works correctly with Java 1.5.0_09


2009-07-21 - 08:44:04z

Cursor remnants in edit area