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(82/231) 2926733 - Horizontal Scrollbar Abnormal in Nimbus Look and Feel

I have reported this bug in 2008 (id 2063480) and it was closed by marked as invalid. But I found this bug still exist in 4.3 final version:

But the horizontal scroll bar enabled,
it's stays on the RIGHT, and you CAN'T drag it to the LEFT.

It's using Sun JDK 1.6 Update 10 RC (build 28) and
Nimbus Look and Feel. Other Look and Feel is OK.

Don't know it's an issue of JEdit or Nimbus LnF.
The question is:

1) Nimbus doesn't has this issue on OTHER Java applications;
2) JEdit doesn't has this issue for OTHER Java look and feels.

It's only happens when JEdit using Nimbus look and feel!

Bug reproduce conditions:
1. It works fine if the window (view port) is shorter than the max length of text, horizontal scroll bar appears and can be scrolled; (img1.jpg)
2. It works if the window is not wider enough, NO HORIZONTAL SCROLLBAR (img2.jpg);
3. BUT the horizontal bar appeared (which SHOULD NOT because text length is shorter than the window), and it can't be scrolled. That it it stays on the RIGHT, when you scroll left, it scrolls to the RIGHT when you release the mouse button (img3.jpg)

Submitted zwe - 2010-01-06 - 08:03:21z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category editor core
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2010-01-06 - 08:13:58z
I closed this bug, because it's not in jEdit, it's in Nimbus. See:
Although jEdit doesn't use the horizontal scrollbar exactly the same way as the example I gave, it shows a defect in Nimbus that is shown in jEdit as well, and most likely causes the problem you see. I closed it because I think it should be opened in the Java/Swing bug tracker and not in jEdit. There's not much jEdit can (or should) do about it.

A link to the previous bug:
2011-06-16 - 04:25:47z
But this issue never happened in other Java applications I have used - NetBeans, SquirrelSQL (with Nimbus LnF). It seems JEdit specific.
2011-06-16 - 05:08:21z
I have tested and it seems this issue is Nimbus LnF specific. May JEdit uses some specific scrolling code than other Java applications do normally. I will report bug to Oracle.
2011-12-07 - 21:54:28z
I have no idea about how to fix that but it still happens with buttons of dockables. I'm unassigning myself.


2010-01-06 - 08:03:21z


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