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(94/231) 2961291 - Windows color printing does not work

If I print a colored document from windows XP to a color printer - Ricoh C2500 - I just get a black and white document.
Yes I checked Global Options/Printing/Color Printing.

Submitted w-pasman - 2010-03-01 - 15:08:57z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category text area and syntax packages
Status Open Group normal bug
Resolution None Visibility No


2010-03-01 - 15:13:39z
BTW this is with jEdit4.3.1 and Java1.6.0_16
2010-03-01 - 16:12:41z
It looks like the printing code hasn't been touched in a really long time, and some of the code is not using the more modern (as in Java 1.4+) printing API where it probably should be.
2010-03-01 - 16:37:31z
Thanks for the quick response!
I'm not convinced that this is a Java1.4+ issue as color printing still works on OSX10.6 running java6
2010-03-01 - 20:02:44z
For me it works with three different Windows printers (Jaws PDF Creator, HP DeskJet 980c, Microsoft Office Document Image Writer) and different settings for the workarounds. Maybe Your color printer driver lets You choose to print black and white...;-) Also, could You try other drivers?

My system:
Windows XP SP3
SUN JRE 1.6.0_18
jEdit 4.3.1
2010-03-01 - 20:19:10z
This fails to work for me on Max OSX 10.6.2 using an HP Photosmart C7280 and jEdit 4.3.1. I selected duplex and color, and got simplex and black. Here's the Java info:

2010-03-01 - 20:31:22z
eobusek, that makes the issue weirder. In my case duplex does not work on OSX but color does. See my other issue... Just for sure, you checked Global Options/Printing/Color Printing?

2010-03-01 - 20:35:48z
schwenn I will try tomorrow when I'm back at my work.
2010-03-01 - 20:40:10z
Global Options/Printing/Color Printing was not checked. Interesting though, as in the Print dialog, Black only printing was disabled - color was the only choice. But when I enabled Color in the Global Options, the print out was in color. So with that checked, I get color. But duplex printing is still an issue.
2010-03-01 - 20:53:03z
Yes that radio box is behaving weird too... not sure if that is a separate issue though.

The duplex issue on OSX is here
Maybe you can post your findings there too to help the people working on it and to indicate I'm not the only one having the issue
2010-04-22 - 13:52:38z
Has this been fixed?
2012-10-06 - 20:47:58z
I'm still not able to print in color from jEdit -- Windows 7, Samsung C365W printer. It comes out in black and white whatever I do to the global and print colour settings :(