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(95/231) 2973615 - Drawing bug on non-black background

jEdit 4.3.1 on Windows XP & Vista. There seems to be a bug in the line-drawing code.

To reproduce:
a. With syntax highlighting on, set a style that has a non-black background color (e.g. I color my comments as white-on-green).
b. Scroll up and down with the arrow keys through the area (i.e. through a large block of comments, in my example) *WITHOUT* the window itself scrolling.
c. Black lines appear as if they are underlining each line as the cursor passes through.
d. Making repeated passes up/down erases the lines, then they reappear on the next pass.

I don't know the exact version where this started happening, but I've been using 4.3preNN for a long time, and just noticed the problem with 4.3.1

Submitted fmcingvale - 2010-03-20 - 02:19:03z Assigned kpouer
Priority 5 Category editor core
Status Open Group minor bug
Resolution None Visibility No


2010-03-22 - 21:31:35z

1. Tracked it down, this first occurs in 4.3pre18, 4.3pre17 does not exhibit the buggy behavior.

2. More exact method to reproduce: Do a fresh install of pre18, change syntax highlighting of LITERAL2 to have a non-white background, load a source file (Python in my case), arrow-up and down through a block of comments, and colored lines appear between the lines of code. [I don't think the LITERAL2 part matters, that's just what I picked for this bug report.]
2010-03-23 - 14:31:15z
FIX: Reverting patch #2844750 fixes it.