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(97/231) 2978040 - Command line option +line doesn't work at jEdit start

The command line option "+line" does only work if jEdit is already running when the command is invoked (connect to a jedit server). Otherwise the option is ignored. This issue seems to be introduced in jEdit 4.3pre16.

jEdit 4.3.1
SUN JRE 1.6.0_18
WIndows Xp SP3

Submitted rschwenn - 2010-03-28 - 16:36:50z Assigned kpouer
Priority 5 Category Windows Specific
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2010-04-22 - 18:34:58z
Works fine with 4.4 - development version. Can you check if it was fixed in later, official versions of 4.3?
2010-04-22 - 19:59:43z
I just tried the latest daily build (2010-04-21) with an empty settings directory - and the bug still occurs as described above. The same with jEdit 4.3.1 under Kubuntu 9.10

Again: For me it has stopped working with jEdit 4.3pre16. Every successive version shows this bug.

@Shlomy: Are You sure that jEdit didn't run in background at Your test?
2010-04-22 - 20:22:41z
Yes, I am sure. But you specified a new detail - it doesn't work with "-nosettings".
2010-04-23 - 21:01:49z
Hmm. I can try what I want, it doesn't work for me unless jEdit is already running.

To clarify: I did not use "-nosettings". I deleted the settings directory before the start of jEdit to get rid of the influence of any settings.
2011-12-04 - 22:22:54z
I can still reproduce with jEdit 4.4.2 and 4.5pre1 daily.

SUN JRE 1.6.0_24
WIndows Xp SP3
2012-12-27 - 17:11:58z
Just checked. Still true for:

jEdit 5.0.0
Oracle Java 1.7.0_10