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(99/231) 2993293 - "find next" keyboard shortcut vs. "find backward"

I feel like jEdit has never behaved correctly when the Backward direction option is set in the search dialog and then the Find Next keyboard shortcut (I've always used the default CTRL-g) is used. It seems to do a Find Next in the Forward direction or perhaps something even weirder (I haven't done a controlled experiment in quite some time and don't remember the details of the behavior).

Submitted al_chou - 2010-04-27 - 23:27:10z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category search and replace
Status Open Group normal bug
Resolution None Visibility No


2010-04-28 - 08:40:53z
You forgot to mention your environment (OS, Java Vendor, Java Version, jEdit version, ...)
Maybe you should consider updating as C+g is not the default shortcut for find-next anymore since long time now.
2010-04-28 - 14:37:31z
Sorry for the lack of details. I mostly use jEdit on Windows but believe the same behavior exists on Mac OS X, on multiple versions of both. Let's concentrate on Win2k (both Pro and Server) and XP. Multiple versions of Java (say 1.3 through 6) over the years, as well as multiple versions of jEdit, right up through the current stable version (I don't think a new beta has been released since the latest official release?).

Throughout all those jEdit versions, C-g has been bound by default to Find Next on every machine I've ever installed it on.
2010-04-28 - 17:55:00z
The behavior is simple: "Find Next" sets the direction to "forward", "Find Previous" sets it to "backward" - independent of the initial search.

Of course You can call this incorrect. But I'm not sure at all, that other people would find it very intuitive when "Find Next" were searching backward because of an initial backward search. So, maybe the current behavior is intended...

In a virgin installation of jEdit 4.3.1 without any personal settings the shortcut CTRL-g is assigned to "Go to Line..." (yes, I just checked it :-)