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(107/231) 3134471 - mouse pointer out of sync

Running on Windows 7 using X-Win32 2010 x server with the jedit running on .

The actual mouse pointer may be at a different coordinate where as the jedit responds as though the pointer is at a different location. The problem manifests itself in in the editpanes as well as menus etc as well. For example the windows I could be pointing to File -> Open but the selection could be on File -> Reload. Conversly I may click on "File", but the menu might open under "Edit" or "search" (respective edit or search menu).

The problem begin after the window is moved from its original location after creation. As long as the window is not moved (or resized using the top or left borders) the functionality is as expected. The difference in the two coordinates seems to be exactly the same as the movement of the top left corner of the window.

It seems as though the top left coordinats of the window is cached somewhere and subsequently not updated when the window is moved / resized. Note also that the behaviour is per view. So if there are two editor windows and one is moved / resized but not the second then the second window behaves normally (both coordinates match). Another point to note is that the context menu displayed on right click is in the correct location, but the selection again is off.

Seems the problem was introduced after version 4.2 and was definately occurring in v4.3pre15.

It is a wonderful editor that I have been using for a long time. This is a annoyance and at times can cause problems which are time consuing to fix.

Submitted vink2 - 2010-12-10 - 17:12:45z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category GUI / mouse
Status Open Group normal bug
Resolution None Visibility No


2010-12-21 - 14:42:50z
I dont see any comments or changes. Is the issue not reproducible for anyone else? If the problem is unclear, I can add more details or try to explain better.
2011-01-05 - 17:45:30z
Your explanation seems good, but the environment seems so special that
no core developer have a same one.

Could you please test this issue without X server, or on Windows XP, to
verify that the combination is really required to reproduce this?

BTW, you said it was "definately occurring in v4.3pre15". How could you
say that? Did you test this against 4.3pre14? If so, we can hopefully
find the cause in the diff between 4.3pre14 and 4.3pre15.
2011-01-21 - 15:05:40z
I had 4.2 installed. I picked up 4.3pre15 for some problem I must have encountered in 4.2 - no other versions in between the two were installed. The problem was not happening in 4.2, but definately in 4.3pre15. Could be a bug in the X server causing this, but the problem does not occur in other X programs that I use.
2011-02-03 - 21:04:34z
I have the same exact problem. JEdit 4.3.2, X-Win32 2010 Build 1131, Windows XP. Worked fine in 4.2final, same environment.