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(111/231) 3165177 - Java/C/C++: colour method/function name broken by whitespace

File --> New in Mode --> C++ --> OK
Paste the following in the buffer, taking care to preserve the space between fn2 and (
void fn1(void);
void fn2 (void);
Bug: text fn1 is in purple colour while fn2 is in black.
The whitespace is not significant in C++ so the syntax package should ignore it too IMO.

The same bug is reproducible in modes c,java and probably many others.
jEdit 4.4 server-background mode
Sun Java 1.6.0_23
Win 7, 64-bit

Submitted bengolding - 2011-01-25 - 10:53:04z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category text area and syntax packages
Status Open Group minor bug
Resolution None Visibility No


2011-01-27 - 19:19:15z
This is a duplicate of the followings.
This has a history of an attempt to fix the problem, but it failed.
This report includes a possible but incomplete workaround.

I'm leaving this one open and closed others as duplicate because this
one seems the most descriptive report about the problem.
2011-01-28 - 08:43:02z
I don't rellz care so much about which ever ticket we decide to keep open. But please, ticket 737187 has several proposals how to address it. Getting a fix for this would be highly appreciated.
2011-12-07 - 06:26:42z
Fixed in revision 20562 for C/C++/C#, java, and javascript. There are other languages that might benefit from this fix, but I'm not familiar enough with those to know for sure.
2011-12-14 - 18:08:29z
Reopened. r20562 is reverted in r20595 as it didn't work correctly.
Discussion about the revert:
2012-06-27 - 20:36:18z
Since this is still open, I'd like to add that whitespace isn't the only valid possibility. I work with a coding style that injects comments between the function name and the opening parenthesis (as strange as it looks, it actually helps with grep-ing the code). I'm not suggesting this as a requirement for jEdit. I just wanted to point out another possibility. Example code:

void some_function /* does something */
int some_parameter