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(115/231) 3295127 - Minor .ASP file formatting bug

The automatic text formatting, when editing a .asp source file with VBScript in it works great, and hats off to the parsing to keep everything colored correctly. I ran across a small bug today, and wanted to mention it.

If a vbscript line is contained in a file, and the line contains a comment, the trailing %> symbol is ignored by the editor, so the editor does not recognize that it is no longer in vbscript mode. As an example, if the following line exists in mypage.asp, Jedit will fail to recognize the lines that follow it as native HTML text.

================= Example begins ====================
<% ' this is a comment %>
if this is the end of time, someone please tell me
================= Example ends ====================

In this case, Jedit will highlight the words IF and TIME, as though they were part of the vbScript code, rather than just plain text. Jedit appears to ignore everything after the single quote character, including the trailing %> indicator.

Very minor, but it would be nice to have this corrected at some point. Thanks!

Submitted mtschaff - 2011-04-29 - 21:05:20z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category editor core
Status Open Group minor bug
Resolution None Visibility No


2011-12-07 - 21:49:28z
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