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(118/231) 3338833 - jEdit +line:xyz has issues on windows

Running 'jedit fred.txt +line:10' etc from the command-line only works if the file fred.txt is not already open.

The correct behaviour is for the command-line command, that sets the line number, the jedit functionality that remembers on which line the carat was already on.

Submitted Anonymous - 2011-06-27 - 23:59:57z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category editor core
Status Open Group minor bug
Resolution None Visibility No


2011-06-28 - 21:36:46z
For me it works in all cases, except jEdit isn't running yet when the command is invoked (see Bug #2978040). Tested with:

jEdit 4.3.3 and 4.4.1
SUN JRE 1.6.0_24
Windows XP SP3
2011-08-11 - 01:01:07z
I'm seeing even more bizarre bahavior in 4.4.1. In addition to only working if jedit isn't running, I think it took the value from line and used it as an absolute byte offset into the file.

The ability to set the column (per the -usage screen dump is +line:<line>,<col> does not work and it creates a buffer named "+line:110:16" as an example.
2011-08-11 - 19:45:53z
1. Usage "+line:LL":
For me, the caret is placed into the correct line everytime. If the given line does not exist, the option doesn't effect the caret.

2. Usage "+line:LL,CC":
- seems to be secret - it's not documented
- Try to quote the whole option ("+line:LL,CC" instead of +line:LL,CC)
- For me, it works in general. But there is a "special feature":
If the target column doesn't exist in the target line, then the caret is placed some (the number of missing columns) characters after the target line's end, hence one or more lines later...
2011-08-11 - 20:00:55z
2. Non-secret. Documented at least when you run jedit with "-usage" on the command-line.
2011-08-14 - 02:37:54z
I see this problem using the jedit.exe launcher on windows.
But it does not happen on linux when I am running jedit with my own command line arguments.
Does this mean the tracker should be jeditlauncher bugs?
2011-08-14 - 22:22:41z
i also see this problem running java directly from the command shell in windows 7, so it's not related to the launcher.
2011-08-15 - 00:09:04z
I can neither reproduce what the original bug says, nor what silicon_ghost says nor what ezust says.
I can only reproduce what rschwenn says.
I've tested on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10.
I've tested with closed jEdit, opened jEdit but closed file and already opened file.
In all cases except closed jEdit, where the line argument was ignored on all platforms, jEdit behaved exactly like expected.
Alan, can you further investigate this as you can reproduce at least your problem?
2011-10-09 - 05:39:01z
Related bug: 2978040
2011-10-09 - 11:55:27z
Is it really intended to not activate the given line, only because the given column doesn't exist? For me, this behavior is surprising and not useful - and that's why a bug.
2012-01-21 - 02:16:52z
At the moment, I am still seeing *the opposite* of what rschwenn and silicon_ghost sees.

For me, jEdit does not properly restore line numbers from the "+line:xx" args when jEdit is passed these args to startup initially. On Windows 7, with jEdit 5.0pre1, Java 1.6.

Once jEdit is already running, the +line:xx works as expected to open a file that was either previously closed or already opened (I am using -reuseview as one of the arguments).
2012-01-21 - 11:43:55z
@ezust: I think You see the same as vampire and I (and bug #2978040) have stated.

Also, I guess that silicon_ghost did the mistake to not place this argument at the end of the command line.