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(124/231) 3411531 - Better handling of system and user JAR folders

Currently (jEdit 4.4.1) jEdit cannot handle plugins being installed in system and user dir.
This is bad, as under *nix and in newer Windows versions the program directory is not writeable.
If a user wants to update a plugin that is installed as system plugin by the administrator, this is not possible if the user is not also the administrator.
If the updated plugin JAR is copied to the user JAR folder, an error message appears that there are two copies installed.
If the plugin manager is used, the update cannot even be installed as it tries to remove the system one before installing to the user folder.

I think the changed behaviour should be:
If there is one copy in system and one in user JAR folder, use the user JAR folders occurence. This is the same behaviour as for properties then.
The plugin manager could either just install to user JAR folder and ignore the system JAR folder if the user JAR folder is the target, or maybe ask the user whether the system JAR folders occurence should be removed.
Maybe the plugin manager should also ask whether to remove the user JAR folder occurence when the target is the system JAR folder, so an administrator can update the system JAR but keep his personal version that he maybe built himself with some modifications.
I think in this case then the default for removing should be keep if target is user JAR folder and remove if target is system JAR folder.

Submitted vampire0 - 2011-09-19 - 16:12:31z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category plugin manager
Status Open Group normal bug
Resolution None Visibility No