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(125/231) 3414877 - Extra vertical line spacing bug


when using the feature "Extra vertical line spacing" on Text Area option pane, there are two cosmetic issues I noticed:

1) When scrolling with Down Arrow with extra spacing in negative values, each time the cursor jumps on a new numbered line, it leaves a small mark where the upper part of the cursor was - I guess it would be the size of pixels set in the options.

2) Selecting text - the text selected is in the original place it would originally be while the the unselected text remains in the place determined by the line spacing options, thus the text line creates a "step up/down".


Submitted tvojeho - 2011-09-28 - 07:54:04z Assigned kpouer
Priority 5 Category editor core
Status Open Group minor bug
Resolution None Visibility No


2012-06-12 - 08:51:58z
I've created bug #3534530 that concerns CandyFold on a similar subject, with a screen shot.

Concerning the "1)" here, I've noted that the left caret artifacts are automatically erased when I select some text "above", but selecting text below the artifacts does not arease them (maybe selecting text forces a redraw from the selected text to the end ?)

Also, switching to another window (e.g. Firefox) clears the caret artifacts, i guess also because of some automatic text area redrawing when losing focus (or maybe I'm completely wrong there, still the artifacts disappear) - using WinXP, at least.