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(126/231) 3420074 - Popup windows displayed on wrong desktop

jEdit 4.3.2 and 4.4.1 on Solaris10 with Java 1.6.0-23.

At work we run Solaris10 with CDE on servers from Linux based thin clients. When I have two (or more) instances of jEdit on different CDE desktops, and perform an action that opens a popup window (e.g. ctrl+o to open a file, or ctrl+f to search), that new window is often opened on the wrong desptop, i.e. at a different jEdit view from the one that had focus.

The funny thing is that the exact behaviour differs from user to user (probable due to different CDE settings) and seemingly from day to day (which I have no explanation for).

Evan Wright has provided a fix that works specifically for the Search&replace dialog. Maybe that is a clue to how to fix the problem more generally? Evans fix is to add a beanshell startscript with the following line:


Submitted boise - 2011-10-07 - 08:31:12z Assigned nobody
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