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(131/231) 3437009 - Missing options from Buffer Options

deep indent - it shows up in "editing" but not buffer options.
How can I tell if it is enabled for a particular buffer? (verifying if my buffer local properties work).

Shouldn't the same options from "extra word characters" to "Deep indent" show up the same way in both the global options - editing as the buffer options pane?

Submitted ezust - 2011-11-12 - 21:57:08z Assigned kpouer
Priority 6 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2012-04-27 - 07:28:19z
Without analyzing the code: I don't think every option should be applicable to buffers separately. For example separate camel case. It controls jedit behaviour and I can't imagine a situation where I would like to set it per buffer. It needn't even necessary be mode connected. It could be just a general option.

If you agree, please specify what should be really buffer dependent and what only mode dependent. For example I'm going to introduce "disable electric keys" option and I think it should be mode dependent.
2013-03-01 - 19:35:44z
My main concern is that I want to be able to determine what the setting is currently for these settings.

If I can't see what the value is in Buffer Options, and I am editing a buffer , then the only way to tell
is by going to global options - editing and then selecting the edit mode for the file I am currently looking at,
because there is no statusbar indicator or any way to see what the value is from buffer options.

I am not sure if it should be a buffer option or a statusbar indicator, but shouldn't it be one of those things?