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(136/231) 3448383 - Large buffer and contextInsensitive syntax highlight dialog

Hi, this situation was discussed a couple days ago, but I found the solution not completely ideal.

I'd like to do away with the 'large buffer' dialog concerning the syntax highlighting mode, and it is possible if I set the 'contextInsensitive' property in mode file as true, but running the contextInsensitive mode ignores the NO_LINE_BREAK="FALSE" property so in multiple line highlighting only the first line remains highlighted.

Setting the <PROPERTY NAME="contextInsensitive" VALUE="FALSE"/> or commenting it out on the other hand shows the 'large buffer' dialog.


Submitted tvojeho - 2011-12-02 - 15:42:15z Assigned kpouer
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2011-12-08 - 19:25:13z
I think contextInsensitive should not be set in mode file as a property
in the first place. jEdit should know whether a mode has context
sensitive rules or not, while composing all rules written in a mode
2011-12-10 - 15:39:49z
That's right Kazutoshi, you could submit a bug about that, but I don't think the priority on that will be very high. At least it will not be top priority for me.