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(144/231) 3487005 - Char rendering errors

I tested the newest version 21121 from trunk
with scripts of the world. See my enclosed test document.

Though I cannot read most of these languages,
it looked fine to me :-) but I found a rendering error
for ancient Egypt hieroglyphs (chars above BMP);
there is a straying rectangle, which does not belong there.

Perhaps the tokens in do not always start with the correct
surrogate for chars above BMP?

Submitted mf3 - 2012-02-12 - 15:05:07z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2012-02-12 - 15:13:26z
the defect rectangle is the 3rd character from the last position;
the browsers IE, Firefox and the unicode text editor "babelpad"
show everything correctly
2012-02-12 - 16:38:28z
I found one issue more;
the very first combined character in "Tengwar" is not rendered correctly;
the horizontal bar must be centered and not at the bottom.
I attach screenshot.
2012-02-13 - 15:27:33z
Found one more.
Many overlapping chars in block Malayalam
2012-02-14 - 19:14:23z
The malayalam issue is only in jedit compiled Win7+ Java7, not in Ubuntu11+Java6. The other bugs remain.
Malayalam is basic unicode plane, Tengwar is basic plane: Private Use Area, Ancient egypt is secondary plane.


2012-02-12 - 15:09:38z
Ancient Egypt Screenshot.png

Bug screenshot

2012-02-12 - 16:40:28z
Tengwar Screenshot.png

Bug 2 screenshot

2012-02-13 - 15:26:20z
Malayalam Screenshot.png

Bug 3 screenshot

2012-02-14 - 19:21:26z