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(157/231) 3534808 - font substitution options unfriendly

There is a setting "Additional fonts with font substitution" in Text Area option pane, off by default. When the user ticks the box, 2 other controls appear: listbox of fonts and a checkbox "Font substitution: Search all system fonts". So the checkbox labelled "Additional fonts..." actually works as a checkbox "Font substitution", but has a misleading name.

If I am to turn on the font substitution I look for "Font substition" checkbox, but there is no such checkbox.

Another problem from this non user friendly interface: If I have both checkboxes on ("Additional..." and "...system fonts") I may want to untick "Additional". And what happens? All font substitution controls disappear making me wondering if "...system fonts" will still be honored or not.

How to improve it? Just add this intuitive "Font substitution" checkbox which will enable 3 controls mentioned above. Do not use "Additional fonts..." checkbox as a multifunctional secret passage.

using jedit trunk (21796 2012-06-11), win 7 64, sun java 6.

Submitted jarekczek - 2012-06-13 - 08:32:30z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
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2012-06-14 - 08:00:23z
Perhaps this is a question of opinion?

Switching on the main checkbox will activate font substitution, otherwise it is off.

If switched on, you can add preferred fonts for substitution and / or all system fonts.

If both options are selected, first the preferred fonts are tried out, then all others.

Perhaps the label of the main switch is misleading and one should write simply
"Font substitution" instead of "Additional fonts with Font substitution".
The longer name of the main switch was given because some people may not know what font substitution is.