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(165/231) 3562064 - VFSBrowser returns wrong filename after directory <enter>

When directory name is typed using keyboard, GUIUtilities.showVFSFileDialog returns wrong filename (directory name instead of filename).

1. run jedit 4.5.1 or trunk, with new settings dir
1a. download console plugin
2. beanshell console: GUIUtilities.showVFSFileDialog(view,null,VFSBrowser.OPEN_DIALOG,true)
3. type a directory name: c:\temp\1
4. double click file ab
5. shell prints c:\temp\1

Expected behaviour: print "c:\temp\1\ab"

If I use mouse only the result is correct. Something screws up when a directory is typed manually. This affects for example JDiff's "Apply patch" attempt to use VFS manager to provide the file name (Browse button).

File open works normally, that is opens the file that is double-clicked, despite returning incorrect filename. See also #3562060 .

Submitted jarekczek - 2012-08-27 - 10:07:54z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category virtual file systems
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2012-09-09 - 04:22:05z
Your steps to reproduce do not explain what folders/files must be created before following these steps.
Related or Duplicate? issues: 2204124 and 3489802
2012-09-10 - 06:06:23z
Prerequisites for steps to reproduce:
1. existing directory, for example c:\temp\1
2. existing text file, for example: c:\temp\1\ab

I don't think this is a duplicate, as other reports are not about the value returned by the function.