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(228/231) 3589903 - jedit5.0.0install.jar can not be installed on OS/2

For some reason some code is left out in the file jedit5.0.0install.jar. Up to version 4.51 (on my system) installed just fine with Java 1.6. The jedit5.0.0install.jar gives only errors and installation is aborted by Java. Unfortunately there is no bug file of some sort. The "crash" is going very fast. When I rename 4.51 and 5.00 file to zip and I look into the files then I can find some OS/2 specific files in version 4.51 installer file, but non in the version 5.0 installer file. Why are these files left out?

Submitted joopn - 2012-11-25 - 16:38:08z Assigned ezust
Priority 5 Category Windows Specific
Status Pending Group Regressive (new to devel)
Resolution Fixed Visibility No


2012-11-25 - 16:57:50z
I did read in the changes that OS/2 code is left out because someone says it wouldn't work. I have uploaded a screen print of my system with eCS 1.2NL (Dutch) with Jedit 4.51 running at 11.25.2012. eCS is short for eComStation and a distribution of OS/2 4.5something and is actively maintained. We will see eCS version 2.2 end of this year. How so can not run in OS/2? So would you be so kind to insert the left out code, thank you.
2012-11-25 - 17:27:42z
Just saw that there is a 4.52. Installed it today, see screen print, how so can not run on OS/2?
2012-11-25 - 19:11:04z
Yup, it seems
Java6 is available for OS/2.
The revision in question is 20476.
2012-12-02 - 20:34:43z
Also rev# 20432 needs to be rolled back.
2012-12-02 - 20:48:57z
Committed rev# 22520 to jEdit. Please check tomorrow's daily build of 5.1pre1 and see if it installs on OS/2 since I have no way of testing it. If it works, we will merge it into the 5.0.x branch and that will be in a bugfix release.
2012-12-04 - 01:45:48z
I downloaded jedit5.1pre1install-2012-12-03_12-00-32.jar and could install the program, however there are some warnings, see the attached file "jeditinstaller-result01.jpg."
I try to run the program, but got errors with loading a file, something is broken there. I managed to save the errors in a file, see attached file "Jedit_500-bugs.txt", If screenprint is needed let me know. Its like drive and path are copied more times after each other resulting in a non existing path, when choosing a file the total string is copied more times after each other resulting in a non existing combination. Did make a screenprint too, see file "file loading problem.jpg"

The file jedit.cmd is obsolete, it doesn't work this way anymore. I can write a readme how to setup a cmd file. Due to the object oriented nature of OS/2-eCS there is not one way to start a program, but many. If okay, let me know, then I write the readme for OS/2-eCS.
2012-12-04 - 02:03:47z
Changing status to open then. Looks like someone will have to investigate this further.
2012-12-04 - 02:20:39z
Got those two lines in the command window which aren't catched in my bug tracker file;

3:16:10 [main] [warning] jEdit: initPLAF failed to set required l&f
3:16:11 [main] [warning] jEdit: initPLAF failed to set required l&f

Don't know if it will help to solve the problem.
2012-12-04 - 02:45:40z
Uploaded file "file loading problem-2.jpg" with the problem of loading a file. It looks like the directory contents are not read, I can't pick a file.
2012-12-12 - 05:08:18z
1. those initPLAF warnings are not relevant, I think. I see that when I run jedit too.

2. If there is a free virtual box disk image for OS/2 please let us know where it is and someone here can test and fix it.

3. If you want to submit a patch please open a separate ticket in the jEdit patches tracker.

2012-12-12 - 05:25:50z
The problem is it can't find a Gtk Look and Feel on OS/2.
If you select a different look and feel, such as "metal" (Global Options - Appearance - Swing Look and Feel)
that should make the first problem in Jedit_500-bugs.txt go away.
2012-12-12 - 05:54:57z
Aha, after looking at the jeditinstaller-result01.jpg, I see I forgot to re-add the done-halfAnOs.html. So that's re-added in r22554 so that will be in tomorrow's daily build.
2012-12-12 - 05:57:21z
Your other problem with the File System Browser, I am not sure how to fix that without actually running OS/2.
2012-12-12 - 06:34:08z
I believe now, the original ticket is resolved.
We still need an update for jedit.cmd, perhaps a you can submit a patch for that?
Please open a new ticket about your current file system browser issue with OS/2.


2012-11-25 - 16:52:26z
Jedit 451.jpg

Screenprint of Jedit version 4.51 running on eCS (OS/2 v4.5something) version 1.2NL on 11.25.2012.

2012-11-25 - 17:26:38z
Jedit 452.jpg

Screenprint of Jedit version 4.52 running on eCS (OS/2 v4.5something) version 1.2NL on 11.25.2012.

2012-12-04 - 01:32:43z

Errors I0ve got with installing daily build 2012-12-03

2012-12-04 - 01:33:33z

Captured bugs during running and trying opening a file

2012-12-04 - 01:46:38z
file loading problem.jpg

result with trying to load a file

2012-12-04 - 02:43:31z
file loading problem-2.jpg

screenprint of opening file, directory contents are not read