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(175/231) 3595308 - Can't open directory or read files with OS/2

With Jedit 4.5.2 I can open directories and files. Then someone decided to remove the OS/2 code from version 5.0. I did complaint, now OS/2 code is partial back in version 5.1, but that version can't open directories and doesn't see any files. If you give the drive, directory and file it will generate an error.
To me, insert the code which you took out in the first place. In version 4.5.2 it works, in version 5.1 it doesn't.

Submitted joopn - 2012-12-12 - 20:45:46z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category editor core
Status Open Group severe bug
Resolution None Visibility No


2013-08-11 - 20:59:42z
I'm using eCS2.2 operating system (aka updated OS/2) with java1.6 and see exactly the same problems with this build of jedit.

There are also problems with the jedit.cmd file included with the jedit package. Trying from the command line I get this result:-

1 +++ ???rc = QueryJavaVersion()?if ( rc = - 1 ) then?do? say 'java.exe cannot be found'? return - 1;
REX0013: Error 13 running J:\JAVA\JEDIT\jedit.cmd, line 1: Invalid character in program

Looking at the jedit.cmd file in a text editor that works (;-)) I cannot see any obvious problems... I would guess that the jedit.cmd file has been opened in a non-OS/2 editor and now includes hidden/non-printing characters which cause the REXX interpreter to fail.

To test this I opened the file in an OS/2 editor (e2.exe) and deleted existing line endings then recreated them. The jedit.cmd file now works to tell me that it cannot find java.exe... So the problem with jedit.cmd is that at some point it has been opened in a non-OS/2 editor that then adds something to the end of each line. Another problem is that the jedit.cmd is rather simple and will only work under some circumstances - note that it failed to locate java.exe on my system despite java being in the system PATH.

2013-08-11 - 23:26:36z
What encoding / line endings should it be opened with? does jedit support that mode?
There are no core developers who have access to os/2 so a patch will need to be created/tested/submitted by someone in the community.
2013-08-12 - 18:12:04z
Same problem with eCS 2.1. I'm stuck with jEdit version 4.5, as the problem appeared with beta of version 5.0 and I was never able to use it, nor 5.1

2013-08-12 - 18:14:43z
ezust, the problem is related to something changed between version 4.5 and 5.0. The file encoding for the files I work on is UTF-8. They are opened fine with version 4.5, while since version 5.0 I can't list *the directories*.
2013-08-12 - 18:15:19z
I did a svn co
and then I copied jedit.cmd from the package-files/os2 directory into the jedit trunk in order to restore that file. I didn't edit it at all. And then I committed it. That's how I restored it for jEdit 5.1.0. I just tried repeating the process but there were no diffs to commit this time, so I don't think anyone edited that file.
2013-08-13 - 07:30:08z
Hi Ezust,

jedit.cmd problem is marginal. The real problem for OS/2 users is in something changed between 4.5.2 and 5.0 that made the File browser dialog window unusable (please have a look at the two attached JPGs from Joop).

2013-08-13 - 07:34:41z
Sorry, my previous comment was directed at losepete and I should have added that i don't think jedit.cmd is related to this ticket.
Regarding this FSB problem, I am unable to reproduce it without access to an OS/2 system. If someone wants to create a virtualbox image and send it to me, I can try to reproduce/debug it. But until someone with OS/2 steps up it won't get fixed.
2013-08-13 - 10:16:21z
ezust, thanks, the porter of OpenJDK to OS/2 will look into it:


2012-12-12 - 20:47:49z
file loading problem-2.jpg

directories and files are not read

2012-12-12 - 20:49:08z
file loading problem.jpg

older file contents seem to loop

2012-12-14 - 01:59:57z

bug tracker file loading version 5.1 12-12-12