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(189/231) 3610468 - Menu freezes

When I attempt to access anything in the Utilities menus, I click on Utilities and then have to wait about 12 seconds before any sub menu is displayed or before I may select any Utilities menu item. This doesn’t happen for any other menu.

This problem occurs with NO plugins installed (other than QuickNote which I guess is default).

I had installed today and don’t believe it happened right away. I believe the only thing I’ve done is edit a few source files, changed the tab settings (from 8 to 3, spaces not tabs), enabled folding, and changed the look and feel to Windows Classic. I’ve played with changing all of these settings back to the original, and the problem remains.

Submitted allanpc - 2013-04-10 - 14:37:50z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category editor core
Status Open Group normal bug
Resolution None Visibility No


2013-04-29 - 12:29:16z
just noticed your post. I think this might be same that I am experiencing. See post 'SFTP IO freezing / hanging - ID: 3611816 . Do we need to bump this a bit to a 6?