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(190/231) 3610651 - Mode-Specific Docking Layouts don't hide dockables

I wanted to have some mode layouts where sidekick is hidden, and other mode layouts where sidekick is shown and docked to the right.

If sidekick is currently docked on the right and I switch to an edit mode where I saved a docking layout where I had nothing at all docked to the right, sidekick is not hidden as expected when I switch to that mode.

So mode-specific docking layouts work fine for showing specific dockables, but are not aware of "dockable-free zones" and do not attempt to restore them.

Submitted ezust - 2013-04-12 - 04:38:29z Assigned shlomy
Priority 7 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2013-04-12 - 18:33:05z
Furthermore, the positions of the dockables are not restored when a mode-specific layout is loaded. So for example, if I have sidekick on the left with one docking layout and save it, then I have it on the right and save another docking layout, restoring the first one never results in sidekick being on the left.