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(193/231) 3613115 - File browser displays files wrong after moving files

VFSBrowser.rename() behaves non-deterministic after moving (renaming with new path) files. It puts renamed files/directories to the top of the browser. The files are moved in the right place though, after refreshing the directory they are in the right directory.

Tested jEdit versions (newest trunk, official builds for Windows,Linux, OSX)

Tested JREs : openjdk-1.7 (Linux Mint 14) , sun jdk 1.7 for windows, osx jdk 1.7)

Steps to reproduce: rename files including a new path. It happens randomly (maybe because the different thread pools), The same action performed exactly the same, can give different results.

Submitted bcooper0 - 2013-05-11 - 18:37:30z Assigned nobody
Priority 7 Category virtual file systems
Status Open Group normal bug
Resolution None Visibility No