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(201/231) 3614770 - Word definition not honoured in word movements

According to the documentation a word is "a sequence of alphanumerics" along with whatever is specified as "Global Options - Editing - Extra Word Characters". Yet when using the "Go to Next Word" and "Go to Previous Word" functionality a word is always treated in a hard-coded manner as a set of non-space characters. Similarly the "Select Next Word" and "Select Previous Word" always treats a word in the same manner as a set of non-space characters.

Submitted eldienerlee - 2013-07-21 - 23:44:17z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category editor core
Status Open Group normal bug
Resolution None Visibility No


2013-07-22 - 00:24:02z
I believe "alphanumerics" needs to be defined (at least) on a character encoding specific basis. In Unicode, for example, it should probably default to the regular expression
I'm not sure whether ZWJ and ZWNJ would count as word-forming

The definition in some of the ISO 8859-N encodings would differ as well, and presumably Big5 etc. etc.
2013-11-14 - 09:53:35z
Word chars are defined differently in different languages, in most of them it is alphanumeric, but it can also include _ and other chars. Did you encounter a problem ?