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(203/231) 3614883 - Alt+'f' multiply bound in "Search and Replace" dialog

In version 5.0pre1, alt+f was bound to the filter text box. Now it is bound to the "find" button. However, the "find" button has a binding to "enter". Requesting that alt+f be unbound from the "find" button, as this conflicts with the "fitler" text box alt+f binding.

Submitted ross-rogers - 2013-08-08 - 21:55:49z Assigned vampire0
Priority 5 Category search and replace
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2013-08-09 - 15:36:23z
committed 23105
2013-08-27 - 22:07:49z
As discussed on the devel list, removing the whloe mnemonic just because there is a clash in one l10n is not the right way and breaks it for others. Instead a unique mnemonic has to be found or added like for chinese menu mnemonics.
2013-08-27 - 22:28:51z
I'm sorry, I couldn't find the devel list discussion, (link anyone?)

However, does the search button need two bindings? If you remove the letter-based hotkey, the search button is still bound to <enter> Don't all keyboards have the <enter> key?
2013-08-29 - 23:16:25z
There it was started and then continued in private by Alan
Maybe all keyboards do
But are you sure all look and feels bound the Enter key to the default button no matter what button has the focus?
Besides that people could be used to using a shorcut in the other localizations and just because there is a clash in one it shouldn't be removed from all of them.


2013-08-08 - 21:55:50z

Screenshots of before and after.