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(230/231) 3615105 - split view often breaks jedit

I'm having troubles when use split view functionality in 5.1.0 jedit. These troubles are: unable to undo, text does not being redrawn after changes (until I click in the buffer or select all, etc), wrong scrolls (unable to scroll to the bottom of the text, just like scroll already at the end, but there is more text), cursor disappears.
They not come all the time. But after some time of intensive using split views the only way to proceed work is restart jedit :(
It needs more testing

here is the list of my plugins: BufferTabs, CommonControls, Console, EclipseIcons, ErrorList, Highlight, jing, kappalayout, relaxngDatatype, resolver, serializer, SideKick, trang, WhiteSpace, xalan, xercesImpl, XercesPlugin, XML, xslt (just copied jar names)

I also hardly use these two macros attached (first view is for code and second one is for results)

Submitted Anonymous - 2013-10-18 - 10:23:02z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category editor core
Status Pending Group normal bug
Resolution None Visibility No


2013-10-18 - 16:20:58z
I need steps to reproduce.
Are there any exceptions thrown or anything in the error log when you see this happen?
What operating system? What look and feel?

For me, in the past when the textarea is confused, I could "un-confuse" it by doing a split + unsplit, effectively leaving me with a new textarea that is no longer confused. (The macro "reset textarea" does that also).

This was often my workaround for bugs in jEdit that helped me AVOID restarting it. And I use it less and less often now, because many of those bugs are fixed now.

Are you saying that your problems don't go away after a reset-textarea ?


2013-10-18 - 10:23:03z