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(18/207) 1541818 - Integrate XSearch improvements into core

Why not integrate XSearch improvements into core?
XSearch does the same as the normal search-dialog
with a few improvements. I would like to see these
improvements integrated into core search dialog.

Sorry if this is a dupe, but I have many bugs to post
and am too lazy to check them all for dupes
currently. :-)

OS: Windows XP
Java Version: Sun Java 1.5.0_06-b05
jEdit Version: SVN Revision 6684 (4.3pre7)

Submitted vampire0 - 2006-08-17 - 09:13:39z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category core
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2006-08-26 - 16:48:56z
Logged In: YES

Which improvements in particular? For me, the biggest
benefit of XSearch as a separate plugin is that it does not
interfere with the incremental search bar. This particular
feature request is not described well enough.

2006-08-26 - 18:06:12z
Logged In: YES

All ;-)
The RE-helper, the displayable history of the inputfield,
the search from top, all the extended options, the
displayable/hidable options, the feature to cycle through
the search results, ...
Well simply all that makes the XSearch deserve his X which I
assume standing for eXtended. :-)