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(21/207) 1548303 - Execute actions from the command line

This is a related to request #1548301 (related in the
sense that I thought of them as something I'd need to
implement a feature I'd like to have in one of my plugins).

It would be nice to be able to have jEdit execute and
action from the command-line. Particularly nice if it
also worked with the "edit server" feature and "-wait"

My reasoning: I'd like to use jEdit as the "diff" and
"merge" tools for Perforce. When used as "diff",
perforce opens the editor with two file arguments, and
when used with as "merge" you have three file arguments.

If I could execute and action, I'd pass those arguments
to the action, so it would set up the edit panes and
anything else that's needed to show the necessary
buffers. (Or, for example, call the JDiff plugin when
doing a diff.) If "-wait" is used, then jEdit would
wait for the action to finish executing before closing
the client connection.

The "-wait" functionality might be tricky to implement,

Submitted vanza - 2006-08-29 - 03:43:44z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
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2006-08-29 - 04:08:25z
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I'm not saying don't do it, but the perforce tools are
excellent as is. Either the old p4win (yes, windows only)
or the newer p4v are great. They do very good diffs and
merges. I can see the utility of what you're asking for say
cvs or even svn, but I think the perforce tools are better
than what is available in jEdit right now. Just my 2 cents...!
2006-09-03 - 01:43:33z
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Why not reuse/enhance the Console plugin to this end?