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(44/207) 1651040 - Temporary Macros not in buffer by default.

It would be good if temporary macros weren't created in a new buffer by default. The buffer invariably gets in the way of macros that effect more than one buffer.

As a programmer, I've been using jedit for a few years now and have never once had the need to manually edit a temporary macro. I have however saved a few temporary macros as permanent ones.

I would therefore suggest that adding an option to "edit temporary macro" could be added to a menu somewhere to allow the editing and saving of a temporary macro as a permanent macro.

This way the temporary macro would stop getting in the way of editing, but still be available to save as a permanent macro and/or manually edit.

Submitted tristen_e - 2007-02-03 - 01:28:00z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category core
Status Open Group v4.3
Resolution None Visibility No