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(70/207) 1848120 - Save search parameters or hypersearch result sets as named

1. Provide the capability to save search parameters, e.g. search terms or regex pattern, replacement text, with a meaningful name for later replay. Could be amended to Search and Replace dialog as a "Save Search" option and/or dropdown list of saved searches, and as a list of saved searches appended to the Search menu on the main GUI.

2. Provide the capability to save hypersearch result sets for later review or replay. This differs from saving the search parameters in that the saved hypersearch set is not dependent on the state of the search domain (e.g. buffer, directory). Could display an error message if a result in the saved search set is no longer valid (e.g. the referenced file was deleted since the hypersearch set was saved).

The saved hypersearch sets should be appended to the Search menu, perhaps as "Recent Hypersearch Results" in the same way that "Recent Directories" appears on the Utilities menu.

3. Provide the capability to export or transfer the saved search parameters and/or hypersearch results to another jEdit installation.

Perhaps this added capability could be implemented as an extension to the macro recording functionality.

Currently I store search patterns that I want to keep by recording the steps of setting up search parameters and running the search, then save the steps as a named beanshell macro file. However, the macro isn't logically associated with the Search menu or Search and Replace dialog, and subsequent editing of the pattern must be done to the beanshell script. Nor can I save hypersearch result sets.



Submitted phipster - 2007-12-10 - 19:59:22z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category core
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No