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(74/207) 1880391 - hypersearch results: processing features

The macro HyperSearch_Results_to_Buffer.bsh writes all lines listed in the HyperSearch Results dockable to a new buffer.

It would be very handy to have access to this function and other result processing functions via buttons in the HyperSearch Results dockable.

I'd think that the following functions would be usable:

- write whole lines to new buffer (see above)
- copy whole lines to clipboard
- option to process not the found lines but all other

- write only occurrences to new buffer
- copy only occurrences to clipboard

Submitted rschwenn - 2008-01-26 - 18:59:29z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2009-04-18 - 12:47:18z
The list of available functions could be extended to:

- write whole lines to new buffer
- copy whole lines to clipboard
- select whole lines
- create markers for lines (maybe marker sets for multi-file results?)
- option to process not the found lines but all other

- write only occurrences to new buffer
- copy only occurrences to clipboard
- select only occurrences
2009-04-18 - 18:13:12z
My personal opinion on this:
1. Most of these functions can be achieved by user-defined macros. I think the main function, which is export/import of the hypersearch results, is already provided (by core macros), any specialized macros on top of this function can be written by users.
2. These specialized functions are not at all useful for me, and for sure I wouldn't like to see them in my hypersearch results dockable. But, if others find them useful, it sounds like a better idea to implement a customizable toolbar like the view's toolbar that's customizable using the Global Options dialog. Then, there would be a toolbar in the hypersearch dockable, and a button in that toolbar to customize the buttons in it - which can be assigned to user-defined or core macros.
2009-04-19 - 11:50:39z
Oh yes, I forget the Import from a buffer :-)

My opinion:
1. From a users point a dockable is THE excellent place for providing GUI controls of related actions. They are only visible when they are relevant resp. the dockable is open. It's much more handy to click a button inside the currently used dockable than look for the item in main menu. For me, examples for felicitous dockables are: diff, error list, console, markers.

2. I think, that searching and post-processing of the search results is one of the core applications of a text editor. jEdit's search capabilities are excellent. It's post-processing capabilities are already powerful, but handling could be more direct - not every user is a power user. That's why I'd like to see the post-processing capabilities provided inside the HyperSearch results dockable (and I guess I'm not alone).

3. It's not urgent.
2009-04-19 - 11:59:27z
I think I just didn't make myself clear enough. I didn't mean for these functions to be available on the view's toolbar. I meant them to be inside the Hypersearch Results dockable. But, instead of having a fixed set of buttons inside this dockable, have a toolbar inside it, with a few predefined buttons (those available today), and then the user can add whichever functions he wants to this toolbar (inside the dockable).