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(86/207) 1964983 - Backspace during overwrite

When in "overwrite" mode (by pressing Insert key), it would be good for the backspace key to change its behaviour.

When "overwriting" something, I want my typing to overwrite characters, without shifting the spacing of the line to the right of where I'm typing. However, if I type a wrong character, if I want to correct it by hitting backspace and then typing the correct character, the "backspace" does shift the rest of the line back one space -- not what I wanted.

Current behaviour:
Backspace over the character to the left of the cursor.

Suggested behaviour:
If at the end of the line: backspace over the character to the left of the cursor.
If _not_ at the end of the line: Move the cursor to the left one character. Then replace that character (now to the right of the cursor) with a space.

Submitted cmcqueen1975 - 2008-05-16 - 01:13:00z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
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2008-05-16 - 12:01:05z
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I think the default behavior of any editor should be what most users expect and as it is offered in many editors used on a day to day basis by many people (completely braindead behavior being the exception). (Personally, I expect the default behavior to be as it currently is.)

"I want something else" should be supported, possibly by way of (hopefully simple) scripting or perhaps reconfiguration.

What are the possibilities for altering such a single behavior in case of jEdit? Create a Beanshell macro and map that to the backspace key? Can one hook a Beanshell macro up to be executed instead of the built-in backspace functionality, without explicitly doing this by assigning execution of the macro to the backspace key?