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(90/207) 2013288 - Exportable config/setup

It would be very helpful to have the possibility to export the config/setup of the jEdit runtime into a flat text file or the like (Plugin-Manager provides similar thing) such that one has all the needed input for developers to reproducing/fixing erroneous behavior when filing a bug. I imagine necessary information would include version of jEdit and Java, heap mememory size, plugins and their versions.

Submitted thiemo - 2008-07-08 - 09:25:54z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category core
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2008-07-08 - 10:25:51z
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I agree, exportable config would be very helpful.
See this thread oh the forums:

Additional features:
- choose which settings to export (checkboxes: shortcuts, macros, plugins, modes, all)
- choose which keyboard settings to export (default, for macros, for plugins, only selected from the list)
- choose which macros to export (by category/only selected from the list)
- choose which plugins to export (only selected from the list)