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(104/207) 2561315 - Allow recent to forget files in startup/shutdown action

I usually have something like about 50 to 70 files open ;-)
If I start JEdit, only these 50-70 files [which are kept "always open"]
are visible. Not one of the files, I used in an older session. So allow me
to configure recent to forget all the files loaded at startup.

Submitted manfbraun - 2009-02-03 - 16:41:01z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category plugins
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2009-02-03 - 20:04:16z
I'm not sure I understand your request.
Are you requesting a new option? What should be the name of the option? How would it behave?
And how does it differ from "global options - general - restore previously open files on startup?"
2009-02-06 - 15:49:01z
I think the request is to add an option to exclude the files that are opened automatically on jEdit startup from the File -> Recent Files menu. The request is not to disable "restore previously open files on startup" - the files should be restored on startup, but the Recent Files menu should not include them.
I think this is a sensible request, and I'd even add, why include files that are currently open in the "Recent Files" menu at all? The files currently open can easily be reached using the Buffer Switcher or one of the other plugins that provide such a feature, such as BufferTabs. Maybe the Recent Files menu should only include files that have been closed?