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(123/207) 2847819 - MacOS X: Keybindings really nonstandard

I rather like jEdit, and I'm trying to decide if I want to start using it as my primary code editor. But I'm using a Mac, and even with the plugin, the keybindings are weird, as are the menus. How important is Mac integration to jEdit developers? Anyhow, here's my bug report:

The search and replace key bindings are non-standard. These are what I'm used to:

Command-F -- opens search dialog
Command-E -- use current selection as string to search for
Command-G -- Find next

Currently, jEdit does something else that I don't quite understand.


Submitted theosib - 2009-08-31 - 16:06:04z Assigned evanpw
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
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2009-08-31 - 22:00:15z
I totally agree. The current default hotkeys are strange and very counter-intuitive compared to other editors and apps. But it's an old scheme that's been in use for many years. I'd love to change it but we need more than just the two of us to agree :)
2009-09-02 - 07:33:14z
Totally agreed with you guys.

Maybe the good solution will be to create separate key-binding settings file for Mac users
And deploying it inside the jEdit package for Mac.

Any suggestions where to start from?
2011-12-06 - 07:53:09z
Why not create a Mac OSX keymap for jEdit 5.0?
2011-12-06 - 18:33:53z
The process of creating an emacs keymap for jedit was iterative. I had some of the right things in the first commit but I kept remembering and adding others later. After the three of you (seph, voituk, and evan) each give it a once or twice-over and add things you think are missing, we will end up with something good.