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(158/207) 3053718 - Remove the side borders around textArea in default theme


I would like if it were possible to add option to remove the left and more importantly the right border around the textArea in the default look & feel (see attached picture), as it is in many applications, for example Firefox. I know that some themes in the LookAndFeel plugin offer this, but I have always prefered the default Metal theme. This way, when jEdit is maximized, I would not have to aim the pointer precisely at the scrollbar but I could simply go to the right side of the screen and be sure that any click will be on the scrollbar. I realize that it is not essencial to have this feature, but sometimes it can become a little irritating.

Thanks, tvojeho

Submitted tvojeho - 2010-08-26 - 18:48:42z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No



2010-08-26 - 18:48:42z