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(166/207) 3369475 - Complete Words from Open Buffers and Completion Plugin

jEdit should not have any built-in completion service, it would be nice if we all used the Completion plugin instead. So in particular, the opton "complete words from all open buffers" checkbox
(which says default is to limit search to currently visible buffers) is a weird option.
Is the default that I still get completions but only in currently visible buffers?
If I want to disable completions from core, do I do that?

This option should be taken out of core and something that is more clear should be put into the Completion plugin in its place.

I sometimes get popups in the wrong place and want to know where all my completion sources are.

Submitted ezust - 2011-07-17 - 18:12:57z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2011-07-23 - 13:27:14z
I'm not sure about this. jEdit users have always enjoyed the built-in completion functionality. A long time ago the completions were taken from the current buffer only, but for a while now they can be taken from any of the open buffers.
Users are already using this feature. Do we want to make it disappear for them unless they install the Completion plugin?
2011-07-23 - 17:39:25z
Thinking about it some more, perhaps the built-in action should be renamed to "show completions", and the completion plugin should override it and provide other completion services.
2012-08-01 - 19:14:58z
The situation we should try to avoid is have both a plugin and jEdit's core provide the same functionality at the same time.

Currently I get the complete word popup box, but I don't like that, I'm using the Finish Him! plugin and I like it better.

I recommend adding a check box to disable jEdit's default complete-word so it won't popup when a plugin doing something similar.