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(185/207) 3521515 - toggle select

I would like a command that puts jEdit into or out of selection mode--a sort of "toggle select." What I have in mind is that such a command would change the arrow, page up/down, and home/end keys to select (or not) text. In effect, if selecting were toggled on, these keys would act like their shifted versions. I could then assign a key to toggle the selecting mode.

The ancient Qedit editor had this sort of toggle--it was called "drop anchor." I think the Brief editor had it too.

Submitted mcswell - 2012-04-26 - 03:29:53z Assigned nobody
Priority 8 Category Edit mode
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2012-11-14 - 21:47:01z
There is a $500 bounty on the implementation of this feature. For details see the user mailing list, subject 'Bounty', date 2012-Nov-14.
2013-07-14 - 19:49:45z
I would also like to see this. The Codewright editor also had this feature of toggling selection mode.